Celebrating 25 years of offering innovative lighting solutions!

TLW 25 year anniversary

This year is TLW’s 25th year offering innovative lighting solutions. To celebrate, we will be looking back on our exciting heritage.

Published On: 1st October 2021
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the lightworks catalogue 1This year is TLW’s 25th year offering innovative lighting solutions. To celebrate, we will be looking back on our exciting heritage and history.

The Lightworks was founded in 1996, offering lamps and electrical accessories to mainly companies across Yorkshire and Humberside regions. As the company and client base started to grow, focus turned in the early 2000s to the introduction of LED lighting and the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom markets UK wide.

By 2003/4, the company needed to expand the business premises. tlw office 3

In 2006, the business bought their current purpose designed premises which was over twice the size on a 2.5-acre site located in Harworth near the A1m for ease of logistics. Facilities included a stunning office suite, factory and warehouse.

After listening to our clients needs, we turned their requirements into reality by creating our own designed product range called VEW. As the range increased, the company became more involved with manufacturing, especially with the growth of LED lighting.

During 2014 and 2015, TLW The Lightworks became a manufacturer in its own right with plans forming and contracts growing. Investments into staff, machinery, production bays and stock were made to underpin this strategic company transition.

tlw team photo 25th anniversaryIn March 2020, we released the brand-new website TLWglobal and rebranded to just TLW. 2020 also saw the launch of TLW’s own showroom and training academy, allowing lighting knowledge to be imparted to clients by live stream, globally.

Today TLW is a UK leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative LED lighting products, specifically for the KBB and furniture markets and is experiencing strong growth. The client base now includes some of the largest manufacturers in the markets throughout UK, Europe and further afield.

The TLWglobal website is now available to purchase our LED lighting on directly as well as providing an easy way for customers to order online at trade prices.

TLW 25 year anniversaryOur VEW brand has expanded to include not just our product ranges but also a range of services: VEWtube, VEWhome, VEWsmart, VEWacademy, VEWhygiene and VEWcustom. You can find out more about our VEW brands here.

TLW continues to grow from strength to strength with some exciting innovative lighting products coming in 2022. We are also pleased to announce TLW will be attending KBB Birmingham in 2022 again.

Stay tuned as we release further news of the planned TLW growth journey.