Add the wow factor with our copper and blue kitchen mood-board

Published On: 27th November 2019
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Blue and copper kitchens offer a sophisticated and classic look to a kitchen. Our blue and copper mood-board will bring your kitchen to life.

You can view the full mood-board below.

The Ortiz pendant is a modern pendant finished with copper mesh. Take a look a the Ortiz pendant.

Copper and blue kitchen moodboard

You can view the rest of the items featured on the copper and blue mood-board below.

Stoneware Jug From H&M 

Blue Pottery Mug From Mad About Pottery 

Ceramic Kitchen Sink From Tap Warehouse 

Oxford Cup Handles From Handle Store

Trouva Clock (no longer available)

Tap From We are Brick (no longer available)

Rug: Found on Pinterest

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