EXCITING NEWS: new products are on their way!

Published On: 10th July 2018
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There’s lots of exciting things happening at the moment: the world cup and uncharacteristically hot British weather, but there’s another big event that is coming your way. TLW are proud to announce that we have some brand new products coming your way!

It’s a fantastic and exhilarating time for us here at TLW. We are constantly searching for and delivering the highest quality and most innovative LED lighting products to the KBB market and hope the latest additions to our product family will be the most creative and unique yet! We can’t wait to officially launch these amazing pieces; the countdown starts now!

New Lighting | The Lightworks

VEW Lighting: the background

VEW is all about simplicity and ease of use, because that’s a huge part of what we do. It’s easy to buy from us, because we always provide the best possible products regardless of your choice. It’s easy to get your purchases, because we can deliver to any schedule. And it’s easy to create the perfect ambience in a space, thanks to our in-depth understanding of our product range and our love for lighting.

Lighting goes way beyond illuminating a space. It’s a delicate art – a way of creating a specific feeling based on a room’s appearance and function. As a retailer, you know the value of lighting in a room. It can radically change its appearance and a customer’s reaction to it. Good lighting can make a £10,000 kitchen look like a £20,000 one. We’re glad you agree.

This is another inspiration for VEW Lighting. When you work with us we will create the perfect emotional space. Whether your client is looking for a calming ambience for their bedroom or an exciting, high activity mood for their kitchen – we’ve got just the product (and the knowledge) for the job. Whatever ‘view’ your clients want to achieve, VEW products and services are more than capable of achieving it.

A quality product on time, every time

Of course, lofty ideas are all well and good and we know you also want something that lasts and will stand the test of time in your customer’s homes.  You want your products when you order them, so that nobody is disappointed. And, of course, you want something that’s great value for money.

VEW’s market-leading LEDs are manufactured with the closest attention to detail. This is because even similar-looking LEDs can have massive quality discrepancies. We take care to pick only the best, right from the point of manufacture.

LED chip manufacturers use a process called ‘binning’ when making their products. They’re graded by quality, with chips ranging from 70 to 95 on the Colour Rendering Index (CRI), with 90-95 being the best. Chips of similar quality are sorted into single bins – hence the name. VEW products only use the best chips from the 90-95 bin.

A VEW of the future

With our market leading LEDs, you’re buying a product you and your customers can depend on. A range of colour options means we can cater to any home style: modern, contemporary or traditional. With our easy to use plug-and-play product design, our lighting can be added to any room without specialist skills or training.

The VEW product range makes it easier than ever to get the most from your home but we’re not stopping here. Our easy-to-use website is packed with helpful information on our products.

When you buy from TLW | The Lightworks, you’re buying the best that money can buy. And with our new branding, we hope that this will be clearer than ever before as we believe every room deserves a VEW.

So stay tuned and we’ll be back soon with the highly anticipated launch of our brand new products!

For more information please contact the TLW team on 01302 741941, visit our VEWtube channel for informative videos, or email us here

Inspiring lighting from TLW | The Lightworks