Eyeleds® – Small and Perfectly Formed

Published On: 13th November 2017
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Eyeleds® is a patented, easy to install, built-in walk over light innovation. The ultra-slim Eyeleds® range of recessed lighting products has swept the global market with its ease of installation and sleek, ambient look. Lighting designers are increasingly turning to Eyeleds® systems for high-end LED luminaires for both interior and outdoor applications.

Based on LED technology, the product offers a combination of energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, warm light quality and slim design. These qualities alone have created a new worldwide market in interior and outdoor illumination.

The minimal build-in depth of just 6.5mm allows the lighting to be installed with ease in all kinds of applications. Such examples include hardwood, laminate, stair treads, carpet, natural stone and quartz flooring applications plus many more.

The Eyeleds® products are fully sealed and have an IP67 rating which gives protection against dust and moisture. The luminaires are of a solid construction and walking or even driving over the product is perfectly acceptable. The operating temperature of the products range from -35°C to +65°C and come with an impressive 5 year warranty.

Eyeleds® luminaires are available in round and square shapes in frames with a modern brushed stainless steel finish. The available light colours are warm white, cool white, blue, amber and RGB. Because of their innovative technology, Eyeleds® systems can open up possibilities for new applications that were not imaginable with traditional lighting.

As the design community is quickly discovering across the global market, such flexibility is enabling new designs for concepts. This allows for clear and safe pathways, accented corners, soft and glowing hallways and more all in a simple, small light source which is merging the floor and lighting industries in a functional, sustainable and attractive way.

Floorleds are one of the first low profile, permanently installed and recessed LED floor lighting systems of its kind that can be used in both residential and commercial applications. To discover more please contact the TLW team on 01302 741941 or email us.