Kitchen under-worktop and plinth lighting idea

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Under-worktop and plinth lighting options offer mood lighting. View these lighting products insitu images for inspiration for your kitchen.

Published On: 16th December 2021
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Under-worktop lighting creates a decorative finish, whereas plinth lighting adds depth to the kitchen. These lighting options offer mood lighting to the kitchen. View these under-worktop and plinth lighting products insitu for inspiration for your kitchen.

The Bon LED tape has 9.6w 120 LEDs per metre, with an IP65 rating. The strip lighting is in a natural white colour temperature.

You can order the 12V Bon LED tape from the TLW website.

The LED tape is installed in the Slim LED aluminium profile. The Slim profile is finished in black and is useful for discreet feature lighting.

Order the 2m Slim LED aluminium profile from TLW.

The LED tape is also installed with dimming drivers to help dim the kitchen lighting.

These images are courtesy of Ratinder Sandhu.

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