Lighting: less about the SKU and more about the VEW!

Lighting: less about the SKU and more about the VEW!
Published On: 8th October 2018
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Traditionally in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture markets, lighting suppliers used to have to provide many different (and sometimes weird/wonderful/superfluous) lighting products just to get the client’s attention as in those days it was all about “choice”. Thankfully, the days of having to have twenty different types of downlight, ten different triangular lights, etc. are well on the way out which is very good news for both lighting suppliers and cabinet/furniture manufacturers.

So why is this?

It’s simple really in that this is driven by both new technology and the fact that the retail client/end user no longer want to see the light fittings themselves in the furniture, they just want to see the light output from those fittings, i.e its all about the overall aesthetic/operational effect of the light on the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom furniture.

With the wide variety of metal ‘profiles’ and the wide range of LED tapes then this means that these can be manufactured to the exact specification/dimension required. These can then either be integrated in to (or on to) the furniture itself, either at the point of manufacture or installation; the clients love this. This means that lighting is now an intrinsic part of the furniture rather than an addition to it, therefore it is seen in a new light (no pun intended) by the person who has bought the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom furniture.


Even with non profile/tape light fittings, it’s about keeping it simple and making the lighting options discreet. With the advent of COB (Chip-on-Board) LED lights, this means that fittings have become much smaller and thinner, yet much brighter than the earlier versions of LEDs. This is also great news for manufacturers and installers as it means they can keep their lighting portfolio and offering small yet offer everything their client requires.

Footnote: For the sake of your SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) introduce a SKA (Sanity Keeping Approach) to being leaner and meaner but without losing sales!

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