Our most popular LED lighting videos

our most popular led lighting videos

Our VEWtube channel has grown rapidly over the last few years. We’ve pulled together a list of our top ten most popular lighting videos.

Published On: 6th June 2022
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Our VEWtube channel on YouTube has grown rapidly over the last few years in terms of subscribers and total views. VEWtube features in-depth product overviews, informative lighting guides and exciting company announcements. We’ve pulled together a list of our top ten most popular lighting videos.

A guide to LED lighting colour temperatures

This video guide on LED lighting colour temperatures covers Kelvins, the differences between colour temperatures and the colours that should be used in each room. We’ve also written this blog article guide to LED lighting colour temperatures for more information.

Guide to spacing your LED spot lighting

Spacing spot lighting wrong is one of the most common mistakes that people make when installing lighting. This video covers how you should space ceiling lights, plinth lights and cabinet lighting. You can also read our blog guide on spacing your spotlights.

Guide to wardrobe lighting

The video guide will walk you through the reasons for installing lighting in your bedroom’s wardrobe as well as the best LED lighting solutions available. Our wardrobe guide Q&A with our Business Development Manager Daniel Hughes will also provide more information about wardrobe lighting.

Guide to spacing bathroom spotlights

Spacing spotlights in the bathroom can be a lot more difficult than spacing them in the kitchen. This video covers the rules and best practices for installing plinth spotlights, cupboard and drawer lights, plinth lights under the bath and the ceiling lights.

How to select the correct driver for LED lighting

This video guide explains how to calculate the wattage of your lighting to select which driver you require. TLW’s blog also has a guide covering how to work out which driver you need for LED lighting.

A guide to IP rating and IP zones

When planning bathroom lighting, it is important to understand IP ratings and IP zones to ensure the lighting is safe. Our video covers what the two numbers in IP ratings as well as the areas covered by IP zones. We have also written a blog guide to IP ratings and IP zones to assist with this process.

Motorised pop-up socket

TLW’s motorised pop-up socket is one of our most popular products. This promotional video of our pop-up socket covers its features including Wireless charging and Bluetooth speaker as well as showcasing the product’s automatic pop-up.  

Mirror touch sensor

This video is an excellent example of our product overviews featuring the N28-0007 Mirror Touch Sensor. The video explores the product including its loading power, mounting and cable length.

Guide to bedroom lighting

Our video guide on bedroom lighting explores all the different areas of lighting required to illuminate the bedroom. The guide covers reading lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, drawer lights, wardrobe lights and strip lighting or LED tapes. TLW’s blog includes a blog guide to bedroom lighting.

Guide to bathroom lighting

The guide to bathroom lighting video on VEWtube covers the eight lighting areas of the most important room of the home, including wall lights, interior storage, walkover lighting, ceiling lights, mirror lights and more. We have also provided a blog article guide to bathroom lighting for people that prefer to read.