Pendant lighting: the possibilities are endless!

Pendant lighting
Published On: 2nd July 2018
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Lighting is functional. It’s vital to our everyday lives, but sometimes people can forget that lighting is creative, dramatic and can create beautiful effects in a room. In recent months pendant lighting has stormed ahead as one of the most iconic trends in interior design. Not only are pendant lights striking, they are also extremely versatile. Here are some tips on the areas that would look amazing with pendant lighting:

Over the kitchen island

One of the most common areas to use pendant lighting is over kitchen islands. Islands are already a design piece in themselves so this is an absolutely perfect opportunity to add vital task lighting to a kitchen whilst implementing some vibrant style. A great way to bring life to an island is with a pop of colour over subtle coloured work surfaces.

In the dining room

Another classic place to display pendant lighting is the dining room, more specifically over the table. The dining room is often a space that houses special occasions with everyone gathering around to eat. This is one of the best opportunities you have to make a statement. Why have something subtle when you can wow your guests with a conversation piece (or 2, or 3…)? It’s also another great chance to bring a splash of colour to the surface of a simple wooden table.

Over the bath

The bathtub is so often forgotten when it comes to lighting. Water and electricity together can make people nervous, but there’s no need to miss out on another fantastic chance to be creative when LED pendant lights are often IP rated to a degree that makes them perfect for use over a bath (for a guide to knowing the right IP rating please read our blog).

Over the sink

An important area to consider lighting is around the bathroom sink and mirror. This is a place where proficient lighting is key to assist with tasks such as shaving, applying make-up and washing. Adding pendant lights to this location can tick that box whilst bringing a bold and stylish aesthetic to the space.

Through the hallway

Hallways can all too often be spaces in a house that are dark. The centre of most houses, this area can be windowless and void of natural light. Pendants can bring a vibrant spotlight effect down a corridor or in a stairway to assist with a lack of light and brighten up this forgotten space.

Around the bed

If you’re a fan of reading or writing before bed, why not add in pendant lights to replace the need for bedside lamps? They are tidy; no need for cables trailing on the floor, they’re bright; LED lights range in lumen output but are consistently bright and low in energy consumption, and they’re incredibly chic! Don’t need bedside lights? Add one big showstopping piece right over the centre of your bed to create a dramatic look.

In the study

There’s nothing worse than trying to work in a poorly lit environment. It can strain your eyes and make it that much harder to concentrate on what you’re trying to achieve. Again, desk lamps are great, but with computers, chargers, a keyboard and mouse trailing wires all over your working space, do you really want to add any more? Pendants look fantastic but can be switched on directly from the mains, removing the need to fiddle around for a switch and reducing the amount of cables on your desk.

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