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Published On: 16th April 2018
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LED lighting is the future. We’re not just saying this because we sell LED lighting, it really is! It’s bright, it’s energy efficient, it saves you money on electricity, it’s versatile, it doesn’t overheat, and it lasts and lasts and lasts. It’s the future.

Lighting can turn a room into a stunning, show-stopping environment that brings a home owner pride whenever they step inside. It should be selected carefully and never overlooked.

One of the simplest ways to integrate LED lighting and make it a seamless feature of any room is to choose from TLW’s extensive range of furniture lighting solutions. There are lots of simple ways to turn furniture into something beautiful by using the right lighting. Here are some great tips and examples for the kitchen to give you some inspiration to get you started.

Kitchen Furniture Lighting

The kitchen area is one that can be instantly improved or rejuvenated by adding furniture lighting solutions. There are so many locations and options for lighting that it’s simply a case of finding a look that suits the style of your kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Lights | TLW | The LightworksUpper wall units

This area of the kitchen can be divided into 3 main lighting areas: under cabinet, in cabinet and over cabinet.

Under cabinet is the most common area for bright and useful task lighting. This is the first place you should consider when deciding which colour temperature is right for your kitchen. Choose a temperature that compliments your work surfaces, ensuring that it is the correct kelvin to enhance your kitchen style. Here, you could use cabinet lighting or LED tape within aluminium profile to provide impressive light output and really shine some much needed lighting onto your worktops.

In cabinet lighting is another must-have solution. Whether you have glass fronted units or closed cabinet doors, you can illuminate this area in innovative ways, resulting in a stunning lighting feature. Use cabinet lighting to create much needed light that brightens inside your cabinets from the front to the back in an instant.

Over cabinet lighting creates a wonderful soft layer to a kitchen, bringing depth to the room and making the most of every inch of space. Simply use LED tape to spread light up towards the ceiling to really maximize the open expanses in your kitchen.

Kitchen island

Kitchen islands are a fantastic opportunity to use lighting in creative ways to create an innovative look right in the heart of your room. Using LED tape around the bottom of the plinth gives the space the illusion that it’s floating, making it look truly spectacular. LED tape lighting inserted into our Smart surface profile under the worktop looks superb in a modern handleless kitchen. Another great option is to use round or square plinth lighting to give the area a contemporary feel.

Furniture Lighting | TLW | The Lightworks

Base units

There are so many great options for lighting in this area of your kitchen. Just one of these is to use LED tape under the worktop (handleless kitchens) to cast light between the cupboard doors or drawers to create a beautiful soft line around the room. The same look can be used on the kitchen plinths, giving your room a gorgeous lit effect mood and tying the entire look together.

Drawer lightingDrawer Lighting | TLW | The Lightworks

An often overlooked area but so important is drawer lighting and is such a convenient and helpful extra lighting area to illuminate. Use LED tape inside an in-drawer aluminium profile to light every corner of your drawer; the final look is both useful and truly striking.

For more information about our superb range of furniture lighting solutions please contact the TLW team on 01302 741941 or drop us an email here.

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