TLW launches VEWBeam ultraviolet UVC disinfection lamps range

U60-0100 VEWbeam Disinfection table & Ozone UVC Light 38w (2)
Published On: 23rd June 2020
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TLW has launched a brand new range of VEWbeam ultraviolet UVC disinfection lamps to help kill 99% of bacteria in surrounding areas.

vewbeam disinfection uvc lamp

Quick and safe solutions to killing germs and bacteria, the VEWbeams are tested to EN/T19258-2012 standards.

The VEWbeam disinfection lamps can be used to disinfect your canteen, office, shop, pub, restaurant, care home, school classroom, factory area and more.

The 38W VEWbeam lamps are free-standing table lamps with 360 degree light with remote controls and timer functions included.

The length of time it takes for the area to be disinfected depends on the size of the area with the lamp’s 185um wavelength.

The 43cm tall disinfection lamps are ideal solutions that produce no chemical bi-products.

Our range of ultraviolet UVC disinfection or germicidal lamps includes two lamps; one which is o-zone free and one that isn’t.

The VEWbeam lamps are designed for professional use as the room must be empty of humans and animals before the light is switched on ensure no exposure to the UV rays. UV radiation is harmful and will cause damage to eyes and skin.

Contact us on [email protected] or +44 (0)1302 741941 for more information.