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Published On: 29th April 2019
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Aluminium profiles are a fantastic tool that, when used with LED tape, can create a beautiful and stylish lighting feature. Here is a Q&A with an Aluminium Profile expert to help you learn more.

What are aluminium profiles used for?

‘Aluminium profiles are used in conjunction with LED tape to provide a continuous light source that can be installed in many different locations. Depending on the profile and the LED tape used, a dotless lighting effect can be achieved. Where the cover on an aluminium profile is diffused, this reduces the visibility of LED diodes. Profiles ensure that LED tape is fitted securely and adds an extra level of protection to the tape inside. It also acts as a heat sink which increases the lifespan of the tape. The appearance of tape within an aluminium profile is much more sleek and discreet which is why a lot of people opt for this as their preferred choice of LED tape installation.’

How do you fit aluminium profiles?

‘There are two ways to fit an aluminium profile and there are different profiles to suit each installation type. The first and simplest method is to surface mount the profile. To do this you just need to use the fixing clips that are supplied with the product. These provide a robust solution to ensure that the profile remains secure. The second option is to recess mount the profile. To do this you would need to router a channel to match the dimensions of the profile. The product should then be fixed in place within the channel; sometimes extra adhesive is used to keep the profile safe and in place. Detailed cross-sectional drawings can be obtained from TLW on each profile to assist with the installation’

What finishes do aluminium profiles come in?

‘The majority of TLW’s range of aluminium profiles are available in black, white and aluminium. This means that they are very versatile and can be used in any style room in any location. The number of colour options available are dependant on the profile and where it would be used; you can find this information in the TLW brochures and on the TLW website ( If you would like more information about which profiles are available in which colours, please feel free to get in touch with us on [email protected] or call one of our team members on +44 (0)1302 238129.’


Where can you use aluminium profiles?

‘Aluminium profiles are extremely versatile products. They can be used for task, ambient and decorative purposes throughout the home. Within the kitchen environment it is popular to use surface mounted aluminium profiles as under cabinet lighting to effectively illuminate the work surface. In the bathroom it is often used to provide extra IP protection to LED tapes to ensure that the product is protected against water and moisture ingress. Each of the aluminium profiles in the TLW range have a different purpose; some are suitable for use in the floor, others in the wall and some can even be bent into a curved angle. If you have a particular application you are unsure of, please contact our team.’


Which LED tapes can you use with aluminium profiles?

‘There are three aluminium profiles within the TLW range that can be used with all TLW LED tapes. These are the Surface profile (K01-1050), the Recessed profile (K01-1055) and the Corner profile (K01-1060). Other aluminium profiles in the range can be used with all LED tapes except for the RGB and RGBCCT tapes as these are wider than the profiles. These include the Smart Surface profile (K01-1035), Smart Recessed profile (K01-1037), the Slim profile (K01-1000) and the Tee profile (K01-1200). Finally, we have seven profiles that are suitable for use with all of our tapes except the RGBCCT tape. These are the Arc profile (K01-1002), the Step profile (K01-1020), the Floor profile (K01-1040), the Back (k01-1015), the Wall profile (K01-1045), the Display profile (K01-1065) and the Ray Aluminium hanging rail profile (K01-1070).’

How are aluminium profiles supplied?

‘Customers can purchase TLW’s aluminium profiles in two ways. The standard length that the profiles are available in is 2 metres. You can simply purchase the profiles in the standard 2m sizes, providing it suits your requirements. Alternatively, customers can take advantage of the TLW bespoke service. This gives them the ability to order aluminium profiles in bespoke sizes, fitted with the LED tape of their choice already inside. This makes installation very simple and cost effective as customers are not buying raw material that then results in wastage when product is cut to size. If you are interested in using this service, please contact our team. TLW are capable of supplying high volumes of bespoke aluminium profile with no minimum or maximum order quantities.’

To see the TLW range of profiles in more details, please click here to watch our product overview.

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