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VEWsmart gives you full control of lighting from any smart device and seamlessly integrates using WIFI or Zigbee 3.0 technology which is recognised as one of the safest and most secure systems to connect up your home. You can connect via the VEWsmart APP, Alexa*, Philips Hue* and to Google Home and Siri via account linking.

What is Smart all about?

Smart is an emerging market that provides home owners with different devices that are operated remotely via their mobile devices using apps.

The YouGov Smart Homes 2018 Report revealed that nearly a quarter of Britons own one or more smart home devices and one in ten have two or more devices.

The purpose of Smart Home applications is to make everyone’s life easier, more efficient and often save money. This trend is already global and is set to become one of the largest industries in the world.

VEWsmart Products


VEWsmart Products
Connect directly with the VEWsmart app

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VEWsmart Hub Products
Require the VEWsmart hub to connect to the internet