Example of bad versus good LED lighting

bad versus good led lighting

In this blog, we will explain and demonstrate why we […]

Published On: 18th March 2020
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In this blog, we will explain and demonstrate why we use the latest technologies for our spotlights, by comparing and contrasting against older technologies.

This is an example of an SMD light. It is not one of our lights. It is a typical, older specification light where the SMD chips are quite visible, which is not what people want nowadays.

smd led

This is one of our products, which uses the latest LED technology. It’s called COB LED. COB stands for Chip On Board and it has no visible diodes. It is much brighter than the old SMD lighting.

cob led

When you compare lights, you can see that the SMD chip is quite old fashioned looking whereas the new COB light is very much on-point aesthetically.

smd and cob led light comparison

With the older SMD chip, you can see there is a much narrower beam angle and a slight discoloration around the edges of the beam (depending on what colour it is, some are more obvious than others).

smd light

Using the COB LED, you can clearly see that there is no cone of light, no discoloration and it is much brighter.

cob light

When you directly compare both technologies, you can clearly see why COB LED is the choice for people nowadays. The clarity of the light is purer. Even though these are both the same Kelvins, you can see which one is more accurate.

You can also watch the bad versus good LED lighting video on our VEWtube channel.