Exciting announcement… VEWtube is here!

Here at TLW we are always striving to be the […]

Published On: 29th May 2018
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Here at TLW we are always striving to be the most innovative lighting company in our industry. Lighting is an advanced, creative and extremely important part of all of our lives and we are immensely proud of our extensive range of products.

We are therefore delighted to announce the launch of our new channel – VEWtube!

VEWtube is already full of lots of useful and interesting content, giving information on our product range as well as discussing lighting solutions and showing lighting effects that can be achieved using our LEDs.


In the coming months, we have so much more to bring to you; this page is going to be brimming with exciting new video content that will be helpful, informative and creative, discussing and explaining many lighting topics that are so often discussed with us.

Please make sure you subscribe to our channel to ensure that you’re the first to see when we post new content.

If anyone has any suggestions for content you’d like to see, be it installation guides, product overviews, creative guides or more, please get in touch! We would love to hear all your  suggestions.

Visit our VEWtube site by clicking here.