Exploring the benefits of coloured lighting

benefits of coloured lighting

40% of us work in poor lighting conditions throughout the […]

Published On: 13th April 2021
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40% of us work in poor lighting conditions throughout the day which has an impact on our productivity and our well-being.

Creating spaces within working environments, which uses adjustable biodynamic lighting, creates a more inclusive environment increasing productivity and happiness within the workplace.

There are countless benefits to coloured LED lighting. We have outlined a few of these benefits and provided suggestions of when to use specific colours in your home or office.

Benefits of RGB lighting

A benefit of coloured lighting is the variety of colour options available. RGB lighting can be customised for each rooms and sections of the room (such as under cabinet lighting) using all the colours of the rainbow.

Another benefit of RGB lighting is that allows you to customize the lighting to your different moods, atmospheres or needs. You can use the coloured lighting to stimulate conversion for evening dinners, calm yourself after a long day or create a welcoming atmosphere.

How RGB colours affect us

Blue lighting increases our alertness and energy as well as alleviates fatigue. This colour is ideal for earlier in the day or for when you are wanting to complete some work. It is generally recommended to avoid blue light in the afternoon or night to avoid disrupted circadian rhythms.

Yellow light can be used to promote creativity.

Red light creates a more relaxed mental state. Red light has been shown to also help combat muscle and joint stiffness. Red light is recommended at the end of a working day to help relax.

Green light is ideal for calming the mind and has been known to reduce pain in the body due to stimulating pain-killing chemicals. Green light is best used at night when you are trying to calm your mind with a hobby such as reading.

Purple light stimulates productivity. If you are trying to get work completed, it is recommended that you use a purple light.

White light has been scientifically proven to help with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

If you are interested in using coloured or RGB lighting to optimize your space, view our range of LED tapes including CCT strip lights and RGB LED tapes.

We talked to the Creative Director at Seed Karl Lenton about the benefits of coloured lighting. Watch our video below.