Guide to LED Lamps

guide to led lamps

LED lamps or bulbs are more efficient and last longer […]

Published On: 17th March 2021
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LED lamps or bulbs are more efficient and last longer than other lamps. There are a variety of different bulb available from TLW, including styles and base styles. Here, we have provided a quick guide to the LED lamps sold by LED lighting manufacturer TLW.


General Lighting Service or GLS are the most popular lamps used in light fittings. They are finished in the typical light bulb shape. GLS light bulbs tend to be used in reading lamps or ceiling lights.

View the GLS 9w LED lamp.

View the GLS filament B22 7w LED lamp.

View the GLS filament E27 7w LED lamp.


Suitable for mains voltage (220- 240V), the G9 bulbs can be used in smaller light fittings, including cooker hoods and under cabinet lighting.

View the G9 LED bulb.


Pear light bulbs, also known as ST64, are finished in pear shapes. Pear lamps tend to be used in light fittings where the bulb is visible as the bulb is feature of the pendant.

View our 4w Pear filament LED lamp

View our 6w Pear filament LED lamp

View our 6w Pear spiral filament LED lamp


The Globe LED lamps are large and round light bulbs that can be dimmable. Globe bulbs tend to be used in larger light fittings or fittings that feature exposed bulbs.

View the 4w Globe filament LED lamp

View the 6w Globe spiral filament LED lamp

Spiral filament

Spiral filament LED lamps feature lines of LEDs that turn in spirals within bulbs. The spirals mean that the bulbs provide more beautiful and stylish lighting.


Filament LED bulbs feature several lines of LEDs which makes them better to light up a room.

Base types

There are several base types available. The base connects with the lamp fittings such as pendants.


The E27 bulb – also called the Edison Screw (ES) – is the most popular lamp. The E of the E27 refers to Edison as in Thomas Edison and the 27 links back to the diameter of the bulb in millimeters. The hassle-free E27 is used throughout the UK.


The B22 bulb is described as the Bayonet lamp. The bayonet bulb tends to be hidden in pendants or shades.

TLW offers a large range of LED lamps. You can view our full range in our LED lamps category on the website.