Guide To Plinth Lighting

guide to plinth lighting
Published On: 22nd June 2021
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Spot-plinth-lights 2Used in kitchens and bathrooms primarily, plinth lighting adds depth to a room. Plinth lights provide practical lighting for floors and adds ambience to rooms that generally have a lot of task lighting.

There are two options available for plinth lighting – continuous lighting or spot lighting. To have the continuous lighting look, LED tapes and aluminium profiles need to be used, individual whereas plinth light fittings can be used if a spot light effect is desired. Traditional kitchens tend to suit a spot light effect, whereas more modern kitchens tend to have a better aesthetic with continuous lighting.

As a  LED lighting manufacturer we offer a range of LED tapes and aluminium profiles as well as several spot lighting options. Our range includes the Strata square plinth light and the Sola round plinth light. Our collection of LED tapes or strip lights includes IP Rated, RGB and CCT products.

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