Highlights from KBB2024

The bustling energy of the exhibition floor welcomed attendees to […]

Published On: 18th March 2024
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The bustling energy of the exhibition floor welcomed attendees to explore our latest offerings in lighting technology.

Introducing Haze LED Dotless Tape

One of the stars of the show was undoubtedly the unveiling of our latest product: the Haze LED Dotless Tape. Available in both IP20 and IP65 variants, with power options ranging from 4.8 to 9.6 watts, this cutting-edge tape captured the imagination of attendees with its seamless illumination. The absence of visible dots along its length impressed visitors, promising a uniform and uninterrupted glow for a variety of lighting applications. Paired with a range of accessories showcased alongside, the Haze LED Dotless Tape left a lasting impression, igniting imaginations about the myriad possibilities it offers in architectural and decorative lighting.

Black Slat Wall Diffuser: Discreet Elegance

Another showstopper that drew considerable attention was our Black Slat Wall Diffuser. This innovative addition to the market introduces a new option in lighting design, where the lights remain invisible when switched off. The sleek black surface seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment, only revealing its luminous magic when illuminated. Its elegant design and discreet functionality captivated visitors, sparking conversations about its potential to elevate interior spaces with a touch of understated sophistication.



Introducing the Loyalty Hub

Amidst the excitement of new product launches and demonstrations, we also unveiled the Loyalty Hub—a platform designed to reward our valued trade accounts.

Through the Loyalty Hub, our partners can start accruing points with every purchase, unlocking exclusive discounts and incentives for future acquisitions. This initiative reaffirms our dedication to fostering long-term relationships with our customers, providing added value and benefits for their continued support and patronage. Details can be found here

Looking Towards a Bright Future

As the curtains closed on another successful exhibition, we reflect on the enthusiasm and engagement that permeated our booth throughout the event. From new products like the Haze LED Dotless Tape and Black Slat Wall Diffuser to initiatives like the Loyalty Hub, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of lighting technology while prioritising customer satisfaction and loyalty. With each new launch and interaction, we move closer towards our vision of illuminating the world with brilliance.