Introducing the KONNEX System

Introducing the KONNEX System

 The Konnex system features on many of TLW products […]

Published On: 17th January 2020
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The Konnex system features on many of TLW products and has a prime purpose of making the installation process quick and easy.

The power lead entering the light fitting can be unplugged from the fitting itself which allows for all wiring and power supplies to be installed first leaving the cable to be fitted to the light.

This is especially good where splash-backs or finishing touches are required to the kitchen which would potentially damage a light that is already installed.

For contract work, where light fittings and other desirable goods are stolen from site, the Konnex system means it can be installed at the very end of the project.

The key features of the Konnex System are:-

  • The separate power lead makes it easy to route from the power source to the fitting- Simply unplug the lead from the fitting if a customer wants to change the light
  • Individual components allows for easier trouble-shooting