Introducing the Sabre drawer light!

Introducing the Sabre drawer light!
Published On: 12th November 2018
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Sabre drawer lightHere at TLW we are always looking to find the best solutions to lighting in every space in every room. One of the areas of a kitchen that is often forgotten when it comes to lighting is in drawers. Whether it is a deep pan drawer or a shallow utensils drawer, everything looks better when illuminated. Our solution is the Sabre drawer light.

This product comes with a built-in IR sensor that automatically turns the light on and off when the drawer is opened and closed, ensuring no energy wastage. The product has an aluminium construction with a sleek satin silver finish, ensuring it is subtle when fixed inside your drawer.

The Sabre drawer light comes complete with all the necessary materials you will need to fit it, including brackets and a cable tidy to ensure that the power lead does not get snagged when the drawer opens and closes.

It also comes with the KONNEX plug and play system that allows you to easily unclip the light from the cable at the product instead of the driver, meaning you do not have to feed the wiring out if you need to replace the light.

This product is available in 4000K Natural White and comes in the following sizes and wattages:

  • 462mm – 4.5w
  • 562mm – 5.5w
  • 762mm – 7.5w
  • 862mm – 8.5w
  • 962mm – 9.5w

Watch this video to see the features of the Sabre drawer light for yourself!

The sensor on the Sabre light is a high quality and versatile feature as it can be used in two different ways: as a door sensor and as a swipe sensor. In order to change the function of the sensor, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Turn the product face down and locate the small button to the right of the connector.


Step 2

Using a small tool such as a paper clip, push the button until you feel a click.

Step 3

The sensor has now changed function. Check by swiping your hand across the sensor and observing the way the light turns on and off. If the light goes off when the sensor is covered, then comes back on when it is uncovered, this is in door mode. If swiping your hand over the sensor turns the light on, then swiping it across again turns it off, it is now in swipe mode.


To watch this explained, check out this video!

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