Kitchen Lighting

Published On: 15th January 2018
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Kitchen Lighting | TLW | The LightworksWe’re constantly being challenged by our clients to create bespoke lighting solutions in order to meet their design requirements. We have greatly added to both our range of products and services in order to meet this ongoing demand.

In 2017 we experienced a dramatic increase from kitchen designers who requested more technical information alongside product and lighting design training from us. This resulted in the creation of our own showroom/training facility so designers can physically visit us and receive the necessary training and input.

This new service has led to an increase in sales and a wider variety of lighting is now being used to create the desired effect. Early signs since the start of New Year are very encouraging and we believe this is something that will continue to grow throughout 2018.

Sales of our COB lighting products remains as strong as ever and is the default technology of choice for ceiling lighting.  This is now specifically being replicated in under cabinet lighting where the spotlight effect is desired.

In a situation where there isn’t much natural light in the room or the work surface is particularly dark it’s obvious that LED tape is the best choice for this kind of task lighting. We are more and more being asked to utilise our 300 diodes per metre LED tape in order to give the same ‘dot less’ appearance in order to match the COB LED ceiling fittings.

Pendant Lighting


The demand for pendant lighting in the KBB industry has become so high we have now had to significantly increase our already extensive range in order to fulfil our client’s needs. We are selling more pendant lights now than ever before and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of this abating.LED Pendant Lighting | TLW | The Lightworks

Many modern day kitchens are quite plain and minimalist in appearance and we believe pendants add vibrancy and depth to become a real feature within a room. Having this option could be a very good upsell and with encouraging margins available for these products it should be a worthy consideration for any KBB retailer.

Smart Lighting


Thanks to the rapid development of the internet the end user is well aware of the advantages and availability of smart lighting. This has generated a strong demand for this technology and as a result kitchen designers need to be more than aware of its capabilities to meet this demand and service their clients

Smart lighting technology is still relatively new to the market and needs to be fully grasped and utilised as the IoT theme gathers momentum throughout the KBB industry.

Our new enhanced LED lighting products, which enables a change of colour or colour temperature at the flick of a switch or a swipe on an app, is technology that has real tangible benefits to the end user and we are pleased to offer a range of products to fit the changing lifestyle of your customers.

Please contact the team on 01302 741941 to learn more about our kitchen LED lighting solutions or our new training facility. You can also get in touch via email.