Light up Your Bathroom

Published On: 30th October 2017
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The prevalent lighting products we are currently supplying to the KBB industry are aluminium profile and LED tape. And when I write KBB I do actually mean the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom!

The sheer flexibility and creativity these products can offer to a home owner is quite wondrous and we see regular photographic evidence of profile and LED tape used very effectively in the bathroom and bedroom these days, not just the kitchen.

It’s becoming quite evident that there is a growing interest in using lighting correctly in the bathroom – it’s no longer becoming an afterthought or a tick box exercise when choosing the spec for a project.

Refreshingly, the lighting element of a new bathroom design is now being considered at an early stage of a project. We’re seeing a declining trend where a retailer would leave the lighting to an electrician who would simply fit some downlights or a traditional surface mounted ceiling light once the bathroom is 99% complete.

Without accolade to the great Mary Berry, layering is becoming an essential ingredient to developing a successful lighting scheme. This is where profile and LED tape both excel as they can be used effectively to show off a display, highlight a unique feature, change the mood of the bathroom or offer low level lighting when it’s late at night or early in the morning.

LED tape can also be used as task lighting in the bathroom and can be installed in a ceiling or under a bathroom cabinet with a 120 or 300 diode solution.  A more standard approach would be to have downlights installed and/or a backlit mirror to help you apply your make-up correctly.

We’ve also seen a rise in popularity for decorative wall lights and pendants which can add a classy touch to the bathroom.  Again these two products can add a layer to the lighting scheme with wall lighting offering ambience to the room.

Controlling the lighting is also a key factor when putting a lighting scheme together for a new bathroom design. RGB or colour changing LED tape can dramatically change the mood of a bathroom with the touch of a button to create a blissful setting for that well-earned, end of the day soak in the bath.

And don’t forget IP ratings and your bathroom zones! Using the correct IP rated lighting in the relevant zone is also a very important aspect when designing a lighting scheme.  To save embarrassment or an expensive insurance claim please ensure that the lighting is sufficiently protected when used in zones 0 or 1.

Profile and LED tape shouldn’t be restricted to an ultra-modern or contemporary bathroom – it can also be used in a more traditional looking bathroom. These products are relatively simple to install and we’ve seen a growing trend where profile and LED tape have been used to light up an alcove or niche in the bathroom which provides a nice feature.

LED tape is clever lighting technology and when used to its full potential can really add a wow factor to the bathroom or any other room in a house. Here at TLW | The Lightworks, we can offer you expert advice and unrivalled knowledge to help you get the lighting element of a project absolutely spot on to ensure your customer is happy with your service.

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