The uses of CCT lighting and its benefits

The uses of CCT lighting and its benefits

CCT lighting can be used in a variety of situations and has multiple benefits. Read our blog to find out more.

Published On: 27th October 2021
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Ceiling-lights-kitchens 2What is CCT

CCT stands for corrective colour temperature. Measured in Kelvins, CCT indicates the colour appearance of a white LED. CCT switchable or selectable products can be controlled to go from the bottom to the top of the Kelvin scale going from warm temperatures to cool temperatures.

Uses of CCT lighting

Warmer colour temperatures have more welcoming and cosy feelings, whereas cooler temperatures help with alertness and visibility. Being able to change between colour temperatures is particularly useful in schools and offices. When people are required to fully focus their attention such as during a presentation or important task, a cooler temperature can be chosen. For research or studying, a warmer temperature can be selected. The change in these colour temperatures can improve work productivity.

Benefits of CCT lightingLED-tape-bedroom 2

The benefits of CCT lighting include the range/choice of lighting available with just one light, that can mimic each day’s natural light and productivity can be improved.

One benefit of CCT lighting is that it can mimic each day’s natural light starting with cooler temperatures ideal for mornings to wake you up and warmer temperature useful for evenings to create a calmer atmosphere before bedtime. Lighting can affect our natural circadian rhythms, therefore lighting that reflects the natural sunlight spectrum will work best with our bodies.

Most LED products tend to offer only one colour temperature, however a CCT product offers the full range of colour temperatures allowing the user a choice and a full range of colour temperatures to choose from. 

As previously mentioned, CCT lighting can also improve productivity as the lighting can be customised to the task required.

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