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Click Here

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The 2019 Inspiring Lighting Brochure is here | Order yours today!

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LED lighting manufacturer TLW is powered by VEW, the innovative brand of TLW’s products. 

Our VEW brand now encompasses a range of products and services from how to videos to bespoke LED strip lighting.

VEW includes VEWtube, VEWhome, VEWsmart, VEWacademy, VEWhygiene and VEWcustom. You can find out more about these brands below.

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VEWtube is our LED lighting video platform on YouTube. We publish lighting guides, product overviews and exclusive offers.

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VEWsmart is our smart lighting offering that can also integrate with your Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home.

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Illuminate your home spaces with VEWhome. More information on VEWhome is coming soon.

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VEWcustom is our tailor-made and bespoke LED strip lighting solution designed specially for trade customers.

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VEWhygiene is our range of quality hygiene products to keep you and your customers including masks and hand sanitisers.

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The VEWacademy is the culmination of TLW’s specialist knowledge and passion to help others to get the best from our lighting. The VEWacademy is exclusively for our trade customers. 

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Lighting Guide

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Customer Services

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You won’t find better trade prices on any of our stock. Guaranteed.

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On orders over £90
Next day delivery options available

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Download and fill out a returns
form to get started.

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Get your trade account today for great savings and better margins

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