What are the benefits of using LED lighting?

Benefits of LED lighting
Published On: 18th June 2018
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It is well known across the world that LED lighting is overtaking and will inevitably replace traditional lighting, but it’s not always common knowledge why this is. There are many huge benefits to installing and using LED lighting in any environment but here are the most important reasons that LED lighting is the future.

You can also view the benefits of LED lighting in our video below.

LEDs are incredibly energy efficient

LEDs are by far the most efficient way of lighting a room. It is estimated that LEDs function at an efficiency rate of 80%-90% in comparison to 20% for traditional lighting and conventional bulbs. This means that LED lights convert 80%-90% of the energy they use into light with only 20% being converted to other types of energy like heat.

This will have a huge impact on your energy bills!

They last longer than traditional lighting

LED diodes and bulbs have an operational life time expectancy that can often exceed 50,000 hours. This equates to over 5 and a half years of continuous operation. If the LED light was only on for 50% of the day this would then double to over 11 years!

LEDs are extremely bright

Although they use less energy than traditional lighting, LEDs are powerful. Whilst LED products range in their lumen output, all TLW lighting is bright and consistent in colour output. It is important to always buy good quality LEDs to ensure that the beam angles are wide, casting bright light all over your surfaces.

They produce less heat with little to no UV emissions

LED lights produce very little infrared light and close to no UV light. They also produce little to no heat. This means that LEDs are suitable for use in materials that are sensitive to heat, are extra safe and do not attract insects which is another plus!

There are a variety of options for lighting control

Gone are the days where you simply switch every light on with a simple wall switch (although if that’s what you want they can do that too!). There are so many options for lighting control when it comes to LEDs. Here at TLW we offer everything from remote controls, wall dimmer touch panels, sensors, switches, mobile device apps and there are still more to come soon! For more information on our range of lighting control please read our blog.

They are versatile

There is an LED lighting option for every space in every room in every house in every style. There are so many different LED products that we are all spoilt for choice! LED diodes are so easy to place in any fitting that the sky is the limit with this incredibly adaptable technology.

LEDs are discreet

LED diodes can range in size, with the smallest diode ever made being smaller than a grain of salt. This makes it very easy to install diodes into very discreet and tidy fittings. We no longer need to have huge wires hanging out with big bulky light fittings to get the light output we need in our rooms. LEDs are easy to install and subtle and are often barely noticeable unless larger fittings are deliberately selected for aesthetic choice.

They are safe

The number one hazard when it comes to lighting is the emission of heat. LEDs emit almost no forward heat, meaning there’s no need to worry about this safety problem, whereas traditional bulbs convert more than 80% of the total energy used to power them directly into heat.

Additionally, because LEDs consume less power, they can operate effectively on low-voltage electrical systems. These are generally much safer in the event that something goes wrong.

Finally, many LED products at TLW are IP rated. This means that they are suitable for use in rooms where water is present such as the bathroom. For more information on IP ratings and how to understand them please read our guide to IP ratings.

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