A guide to bedroom lighting

Guide to bedroom lighting

 Lighting a bedroom correctly and effectively can make a […]

Published On: 14th September 2020
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Lighting a bedroom correctly and effectively can make a huge difference to daily life and sleep. The right lighting in this space can positively impact circadian rhythms, make the room more relaxing and help users complete daily tasks such as dressing and reading. Here at TLW we offer a range of different bedroom LED lighting options, each with a different function and purpose.

What lighting products are available for bedroom lighting?

Reading lighting

It has been scientifically proven that reading before bedtime can boost your brain power and improve creativity. Reading in the bedroom can actually encourage you to feel sleepy because the room is associated with the sleep mode. Reading lights can aid reading in the bedroom by providing enough light that isn’t too sharp to stop you from feeling sleepy.

Pendant lighting

Pendants can add focal points to every room, and the bedroom is no exception. Our bedroom pendant lights come in a variety of styles from copper to industrial to make your bedroom’s aesthetic truly unique.

Bedroom ceiling lighting

One of the most important lighting areas in any room, ceiling lighting is required for daily tasks. Bedroom ceiling lighting can come in many forms including downlights or spotlights – some of which are dimmable ideal for mood lighting – and pendant lights that can give your room a bit of personality.

Wall lighting

Similar to ceiling lighting, wall lighting can be used for daily tasks, but can also give a room some atmosphere. We have rectangular, round, satin and bubble effect wall lights to light up your bedroom.

Drawer lighting

Bedroom drawers often contain clothing and personal belongings. Drawer lights can provide an extra bit of light in areas that other lights cannot reach. Our range of bedroom drawer lights includes battery lights with IR sensors that don’t require mains electricity.

Wardrobe lighting

Wardrobes are usually the darkest spaces in the home making it difficult for people to find clothing, shoes and other items. TLW’s range of wardrobe lighting includes the Ray hanging rail and the Koncept door light with IR sensor, both of which are suitable for lighting up a wardrobe space.

Bedroom LED tapes

Add lighting around your bed’s base and its headboard for a magical bedroom aesthetic. We have a range of RGB LED tapes, IP rated LED tapes and CCT LED tapes and aluminium profiles to match to give your bedroom a professional finish.