A guide to bathroom lighting

guide to planning bathroom lighting

Every room needs well planned lighting but the bathroom is […]

Published On: 23rd July 2020
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Every room needs well planned lighting but the bathroom is one zone of the house that requires that extra bit of thought. There are several reasons for this: safety, style, ambience; the bathroom should be a useful and relaxing space. Get your bathroom LED lighting right and you will be able to use this room to its full potential.

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What lighting products are available for bathroom lighting?

At TLW we offer eight different lighting categories for use within the bathroom. These are:

Niche lighting

When a bathroom layout includes wall niches this is the perfect opportunity to illuminate this area and make it a feature and not just a storage area. A simple bathroom spot light is perfect for this area and will fill the space with bright and even light.

Ceiling lighting

Possibly the most important lighting area in the bathroom, ceiling lighting must be bright and even to ensure all locations in the room are well lit for important daily tasks like shaving or applying makeup. There are many options available in this zone, from spot lights to surface mounted decorative lighting.

Floor lighting

This lighting zone is one that is often overlooked but can provide both style and functionality to the bathroom. Having low light in the floor of a bathroom allows the user to have visibility in the room without the need for bright lights – for example, if they are using the toilet in the night and do not want to use the main ceiling light. It also adds soft lighting when the bathroom is being used to relax, for example when the user is in the bath.

Cabinet lighting

Where a bathroom has internal storage spaces it is important that these areas are as easy to use as possible. Adding internal lighting allows these areas to be fully visible and useable. Adding rechargeable battery lighting to this location is quick and easy and means there is no need for hard wiring. These products also come with IR sensors built in which automatically switch the light on and off when the cabinet door is opened and closed.

Drawer lighting

Not all bathrooms have drawers installed but those that do would benefit from bright lighting within the space. Our drawer lighting products contain an IR sensor ensuring the light will remain off when the drawer is not in use, saving electricity.

Illuminated mirrors

Installing a bathroom mirror with built-in LED lighting is both practical and attractive. This feature allows a user the best possible visibility for use with their bathroom mirror but also adds a soft and stylish glow to the feature.

Wall Lighting

There are multiple options for decorative lighting in the bathroom but wall lighting is often the most popular. These products add illumination to the walls and surrounding area whilst offering the opportunity to add colour or an element of design to the room.

LED tape

When an LED tape is sufficiently IP rated for use in the bathroom there are many options and opportunities to utilise this product to create a stunning ambience. Whether it’s around the bottom of the bath or under some shelves, LED tape is extremely bright, contemporary and easy to install.

Understanding LED safety in the bathroom

Planning LED lighting can be fun and interesting but it is very important to be safe at all times. All of TLW’s bathroom lighting products are IP rated to differing degrees, making it possible for them to be used safely in the bathroom. It is important to understand IP ratings and zones and to always check this before installing a lighting product into a bathroom.

IP Ratings

IP ratings are crucial to help you install bathroom LED lighting safely. An IP rating indicates an LED product’s protection against solids and liquids.

IP ratings contain two digits. The first number indicates its protection against solid objects. The second number provides its protection level against moisture.

IP Zones

It is also important to understand IP zones for your bathroom lighting to operate safely. Certain areas of the bathroom are more at risk of water exposure. Please refer to the IP zone map to identify the areas that need higher levels of protection.

Ip zones chart Ip zones chart

For more information about IP zones and ratings, please read our IP ratings guide blog.

At TLW we offer many IP rated bathroom lighting products that are suitable for use in these zones.