A guide to single and multi-zone lighting control

guide to single zone versus multi-zone lighting control
Published On: 25th February 2019
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There are so many ways to control LED lighting that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. We have discussed sensors, remote controls, wall switches, even our Smart Home system: VEWsmart, but we need to take this a step further and look at zoning.

Watch our single and multi-zone lighting control video guide

What are lighting zones?

Lighting zones simply mean the areas of light you wish to use together. Zones allow you to control more than one light or lighting area at the same time, meaning you don’t have to go around individually controlling each light separately.

What is single zone lighting control?

Single zone lighting control just means the ability to control lighting in one area. For example, if you have multiple areas of lighting in a kitchen but would be satisfied with controlling and dimming all the lights together, you can use single zone lighting control.

Download our PDF guide to single zone lighting control.

What is multi zone lighting control?

Multi zone lighting control is a system that allows you to control different areas of lighting individually. This would be useful if you have installed lighting into several areas of a room but do not always want to have each layer on or off at the same time. For example, if you install task lighting areas as well as ambient lighting layers into a kitchen (learn more about the difference here)  you would need to have the ability to turn the ambient lighting on separately from the task lighting to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere in a room.

Download our PDF guide to multi-zone lighting control.

What VEW lighting control options are there for single zone?


There are 3 options for controlling single zone lighting and it all depends on the type of lights that you are installing into your space.

The Set Single (K30-2011SC) is a single colour remote system that can control and dim single colour lighting. All lights in the zone will need to be plugged back into the same system so you will have to install the required products in one specific area.

The Set CCT (K30-2011CCT) is a dual colour remote system, meaning that you can use it to control CCT (changeable colour temperature) products with it. With this remote control you are able to control, dim and alter the colour temperature of you CCT lighting. As with the Set Single, to install the system you would need to be able to run all the lights in the zone to the system so there cannot be breaks in your wiring.

The Set RGB (K30-2011RGB) controls RGB lighting in a single zone. Using this system allows you to control, dim and change the colour of your RGB lighting. Again, the install this you would need to be able to run all the lights in the zone to the system so there cannot be breaks in your wiring.

What VEW lighting control options are there for multi zone?


As with single zone lighting, for multi zone set ups there are 3 control options and it all depends on the type of lights you have in your room.

The Hub Single (K30-2034) is a remote control that needs to be used in conjunction with a receiver (either the Channel K30-2037 or the 4 Channel K30-2033 depending on the wattage you require). This means that you can control lighting in multiple areas and set up the zones in whichever way you choose. It is possible to set up to 4 lighting zones in total!

The Hub CCT (K30-2034CCT) is remote control system designed for controlling multi zone CCT lighting. The system works in the same way as the Hub Single but you will require the 4 channel K30-2033 receiver to connect the system. You can then control, dim and change the colour temperature of up to 4 lighting zones in your room.

The Hub RGB (K30-2035) is another system for controlling multi zone lighting but this is specifically for RGB lighting. It is similar in every way to the Hub CCT except it can control, dim and change the colour of the lighting. You can set up to 4 zones using this system.


All 3 of these systems are also available as a wall switch! They work and are set up in the same way but the control is fixed to the wall instead of being remote.

Check out the Swipe SingleSwipe CCT, Swipe RGB and Swipe RGB+CCT to find out more.

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