The Journey of Planning Lighting

A kitchen with lighting is a better kitchen
Published On: 18th February 2019
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Every week on our weekly blogs we discuss all kinds of different important topics when it comes to planning lighting. We often discuss things like task versus ambient lighting, continuous versus spot lighting, spacing, colour temperature… considering all of these elements ensures that you create the perfect lighting scheme in your room.

A kitchen with lighting is a better kitchenWell, we wanted to offer you the chance to see us planning lighting in action!

In 2018 we set out to create two kitchen shots with what we consider to be perfect lighting schemes. The entire TLW team had an input and we planned each section meticulously. Now we want to give you a chance to watch the journey and spot some of the often small and sometimes obvious changes we made along the way to get the lighting just right.

We worked on two scenes: a modern, cool and sleek kitchen and a tradition, country cottage-style kitchen. The reason we selected these styles is because each lends itself perfectly to completely different categories of lighting. Traditional kitchens look fantastic with warmer spot lighting, whereas modern kitchens are well suited to strips of cooler light.

Click here to see the journey of the traditional kitchen lighting.

Click here to see the journey of the modern kitchen lighting.

Watch the videos and see if you can spot some of the subtle changes that we made throughout the creation. Every slight movement of lighting, change of colour or alteration of illumination was a step taken to perfect the scheme.

We hope you’ll agree that the end result truly shows the impact lighting can have and just how important it is!

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Inspiring lighting from TLW