Contemporary Cabinet Lighting from TLW

Published On: 18th July 2017
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K01-0100TLW | The Lightworks’ contemporary range of LED cabinet lighting casts the perfect light throughout the home. Easily light up your client’s food preparation area with the LED wide angled beam or use them as a nice feature within the kitchen or bathroom. Our cabinet lighting is also ideal for studies and other furniture within the home or workplace and will brighten up the room with a warm indirect glow.

We are proud to provide a superb range of innovative designs and sizes which are sure to meet your KBB lighting needs. Our quality products are readily available at a very competitive price and offer tremendous value for money.

Here’s a small section of our best-selling under or in LED cabinet lighting:

– K01-0100* IP44 LED Cabinet Light 2.6W

– K01-0120* LED Stainless Steel Tri-Light 2.6W

– K01-0122* LED Stainless Steel Wedge Light 2.6W

The above cabinet lighting is available in either warm white (3000k), natural white (4000k) or daylight (6000k) and come with a simple plug and play system. We also have kits available from a 1 light set up to a 4 light set up with the appropriate LED driver included.

Please contact the friendly TLW team on 01302 741941 for more information or email us here.