Have you Considered Pendant Lighting for your Showroom?

Published On: 19th June 2017
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The majority of KBB retailers now include cabinet lighting, plinth lighting, LED tape, profile, downlights, etc. as part of their everyday buying process but few have a range of pendant lighting to offer their customers.

Many modern-day kitchens are quite plain and minimalist and we believe pendants add vibrancy and depth to become a real feature within a room. Having this option could be a very good upsell and with encouraging margins available for these products it should be a worthy consideration for any KBB retailer.

Incorporating these products into a showroom would be a simple process for a retailer as their displays are already in place.  Pendant lighting is typically fitted in the kitchen or dining room area and we have seen many examples showing pendants installed over kitchen islands and dining tables.

However, we believe they offer more flexibility and can be used in other rooms such as hallways, bedrooms or living rooms for example. An open-plan layout would arguably be the best instance to use as you will find three or four different areas within the overall space that could easily incorporate this kind of lighting.

Having a designated display area for pendants in a showroom could help increase sales as a customer might just come into the store as they have seen a pendant they would like for their home. We have heard stories where people walking past a showroom have seen a particular pendant in a window and have gone in and bought it and not even mentioned buying a new kitchen!

‘Good lighting can transform a room’

Having good awareness and sound knowledge of how lighting can enhance a room is something we strongly believe in and we have been advocating this for many years. The lighting element of a design is often overlooked and is usually left to the last minute to decide on, but we know for a fact that good lighting can transform a room and bad lighting can have an adverse effect on a room.

Installing the right type of lighting in the right place that is the right colour in both appearance and output could really add a wow factor to any room, not just the kitchen, and our extensive range of pendant lighting caters for all tastes and budgets.

If you would like to find out more about our superb range of pendant lighting and the benefits it could bring to your business, please contact the TLW team on 01302 741941 or email us here.