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We’re a very friendly bunch of folk here at LED […]

Published On: 2nd May 2017
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We’re a very friendly bunch of folk here at LED lighting manufacturer TLW | The Lightworks and we like to take a different approach to the way we do our business on a daily basis.

Of course we love to sell our lighting products as we wouldn’t exist if we didn’t! However, we’re not just here to take calls and process orders – that’s too easy. We like to offer a personal service to our customers and a bi-product of this high level of service is our superb lighting products.

It is our ultimate aim to be the first port of call for anyone in the KBB industry to contact us for help and advice on any lighting product or scheme that is part of their project. The TLW | The Lightworks team has an unrivalled depth of knowledge of lighting and we just love to help.

Some people see the lighting element of a project as a pain and will leave it to the last minute to sort out. We want to supress this attitude as we believe lighting is one of the most important factors in any room and can make or break the total appearance and effectiveness.

We have seen examples of this at both ends of the spectrum where people have paid an absolute fortune for a top of the range German kitchen that has been spoiled by the lighting as it’s the wrong colour temperature or has been installed in the wrong place.

On the flip-side we have seen cheaper kitchens that look more expensive and classier than they ever should be because the lighting has enhanced the appearance of the room as it is the right colour temperature and has been installed in the right location.

We fully appreciate kitchen designers have a tough job when taking a brief from a customer but we want lighting to be top of the agenda and not an afterthought.

So the next time your customer specifies which type of self-cleaning cooker or steaming hot tap they want please don’t forget about the lighting, and us! We’re only a phone call away and we just love to help.

Every room deserves a VEW.