Interesting facts about you and your smart devices

Published On: 11th December 2019
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According to the YouGov’s Smart Homes 2018 report, almost a quarter of Britons own one or more smart home devices. In May 2019 it was found that there are now 15 million smart homes in Britain. We’ve pulled together a list of some interesting facts about you and your smart device that we found fascinating.

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Favourite devices

YouGov found that the majority of smart home device owners have an Amazon smart speaker with only 10% owning a Google Home device.

Reasons for smart home devices

Recent research has found that security and energy efficiency are the main reasons for people own a smart device. 65% said that security including smart locks, cameras and alarm systems that can be monitored via a smartphone or smart device. Half of survey respondents said that their smart home meant they could cut costs, including temperature and lighting monitoring and control.

Extra smart

45% of the 16 million homes that already own a smart device were intending to make their home even smarter. A third of British people are interested in purchasing smart lighting, vacuum cleaners and smart speakers over the next year.

Funny things to say

Each of the smart devices has funny things to ask your device. Funny things to ask Alexa include “what is the value of pi?” and “are you blue?” The Google Home responds with funny answers to “can you pass the Turing test?” and “do you speak Morse code?”

Mind your Ps and Qs

The YouGov’s Realtime Field and Tab survey found that 80% of smart device owners say please and thank you to their devices, with 45% women being extra polite stating that they often or always say please or thank you. 55% of smart device owners also admitted being rude to them.

In fact parents were worried that children were speaking rudely to their device so Amazon introduced a good manners function to encourage children to say please and thank you. The Google Home also has an optional functionality that it will be nicer to people that say their p’s and q’s.

Device responding

Interestingly, it is also women that are more often not understood by the device with 67% saying their device failed to respond sometimes, with 54% of men saying the same according to the same YouGov survey.

Market worth

The UK is currently the fastest growing market for smart home device sales. Currently the smart home market amounts to over £2.2 billion in the UK and the market is worth around £38 billion.

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