RGB lighting: a spectrum of potential

Published On: 13th August 2018
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When you think RGB lighting, what do you imagine? Shop windows? Discos? Kids’ playrooms? Well, yes, RGB is great for all those areas, but there’s so much more potential for this product than that. In fact, RGB is one of the most versatile LED lighting products you can buy and has the most opportunity for creative and design expression of all lighting specifications.

Here at TLW, our RGB products not only change to any colour on the spectrum, they can also be set to all 3 of our white colour temperatures: warm white (3000k), natural white (4000k) and daylight (6000k). With this extra feature available the only limit for this product is your imagination.

To give you a bit of inspiration, here are some amazing ways you can use RGB products in your own home.

Mood lighting

Introduce RGB lighting to add a touch of ambience to a room. The bedroom and bathroom are great examples of areas in the home that work perfectly with colour adjustable lighting. Whether you want to select a single colour or have your lighting drift softly through the colour spectrum, our RGB products can do it all!

Kitchen worktop lighting

One of the most exciting ways (in my opinion) to use RGB lighting is to incorporate it into your worktops. Clear glass tops are very chic and becoming increasingly popular. Include a strip of RGB tape into the mix and that worktop can not only be bright, illuminated and useful, it can be changed to whatever style you want. One day your kitchen could be blue, the next green, the next purple and so on. It’s basically like buying a kitchen in every colour that you can change to whenever you feel like it; so much fun!

Shelf lighting

Why not make a stylish and dramatic feature out of a shelving unit? This not only illuminates an often dark area of a room, it can also help to tie a colour scheme together or add a bright pop of colour to a neutral space.

Nursery or childrens’ room

What better place to get creative than in a child’s bedroom or a nursery? Combine colours to bring life to the room’s design or even use the lighting modes to create a relaxing nightlight that can help sooth a child to sleep. The changing colour rhythm is available in a gentle cycle or a fun quick change, depending on the time of day and the effect you desire.

Gaming/movie/music room

Fully immerse yourself into a film, piece of music or a game with cool lighting effects. Change the colour depending on the genre, style or theme of the activity you’ve chosen. Using RGB lighting in this way can really make you feel like you’re a part of the action and brings what’s on screen out into the rest of your environment!

Dropped ceilings, plinths and back splashes

There are so many different areas in a kitchen that would look fantastic with the use of RGB lighting. Plinth lighting is one of these areas. A key mood lighting zone, adding RGB here can give your kitchen versatility and a creative funky beam around the lower areas of your room.

Add a special glow to a dropped ceiling and tie in key colour motifs from other areas of the room.

Illuminate a back splash and have complete control over the colour and style of your kitchen at any time. Whatever mood you’re in your kitchen can match it using RGB lighting.


And here’s one last super creative idea: why not illuminate your stairs to make a huge design feature in the centre of your home? It looks incredible and extra fun, but if you’re not feeling so vibrant, simply switch it back to a white temperature and you still have a fantastic lighting effect!


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