Tour the new TLW showroom

tour video of the TLW showroom

Installed in 2020, the purpose-built TLW showroom and training centre is at the heart of the VEWacademy. Read our blog to find out more.

Published On: 8th August 2022
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Installed in 2020, the purpose-built TLW showroom and training centre is at the heart of the VEWacademy.

The showroom features modern and traditional kitchens to showcase the affect of our innovative lighting in both. The new facility will provide you with the opportunity to train and empower your team at our TLW offices.

Kitchen displays

Our traditional kitchen display includes in-cabinet spot lighting, under-cabinet spot lighting and plinth lighting. The in-cabinet lighting product used is the 3w Slim square panel light available in silver or white. The under-cabinet lighting used is the 2.6w Galaxy LED cabinet light bundle with round surface mounting spacer included. The product used for plinth lighting is our Sola round plinth light available in polished chrome with diffused lens.

The modern kitchen display features continuous under worktop lighting, continuous under cabinet lighting and in-cabinet lighting. The Corner LED profile and 9.6w Bon IP65 rated LED tape in natural white is used to illuminate the under cabinet space, with our best-selling Dotless Frontview IP65 rated LED tape in natural white used as the under worktop lighting. The Slim rechargeable bar light is used to light up the inside of the cabinet using its in-built PIR sensor.

Using the traditional and modern kitchen displays, our customers can learn about lighting in a similar environment to where our products will be installed helping to develop a greater understanding of the products.


Our VEWsmart system allows users to control their lighting using their Alexa, Google Home and Philips Hue. Our showroom helps us to train customers on how the system works, which devices are compatible and any issues they may have setting it up.

On display in our traditional kitchen, we have the Amazon Echo Plus wit the Amazon Show 10, Google Home and Philips Hue in the modern kitchen.  


Our boards showcase our range of lighting products underneath each category heading. The boards include VEWsmart, strip lighting or LED tapes, aluminium profiles, spot lighting including cabinet lighting, downlights and walkover lighting.

Book lighting training

If you are a trade customer and you are interested in doing lighting training in our showroom, please contact us on [email protected] or 01302 741941.