Small room? Light it up with LEDs!

Published On: 23rd April 2018
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Most homes have that one room that you just wish was a bit bigger, whether it’s that little box room that’s not quite a bedroom, a small kitchen in a city apartment or a little bathroom with lots of dark spots. Whatever the room and however small it is, there’s no need to waste an inch of the available space. Using lighting in creative and innovative ways can make the most of these rooms and show its full potential.

Here at TLW | The Lightworks we have so many different lighting solutions that can be used in these types of spaces. Here are just a few:

Pendant lighting

One of the most show-stopping lighting products you can use are pendant lights. They cast beautifully positioned light onto the task areas of a room that need it most.

They’re also incredibly versatile; every room in the house can be improved by adding one (or two or three!).

If you have a small kitchen, place a stunning pendant above a table or island to give your room that little something extra.

Position a pendant or cluster of pendants over your bath or bed to bring the area to life, or just put one in the centre of your room for much needed general lighting!

For a closer look at our fabulous range of pendants please visit our pendant LED lighting.

LED Tape

Bright, flexible and incredibly easy to install, LED tape is one of the most popular LED lighting products of all time. The greatest thing about LED tape is that it can be placed anywhere.

With superbly strong VHB 3M tape on the back of our tapes, you can just simply peel the backing off and place it in whatever location you prefer. We offer a huge range of different tapes, also providing IP rated products that can be used in the bathroom.

For more information on our extensive range of LED tape please view our LED tape page, including IP rated LED tapes, CCT LED tapes and RGB LED tapes.


Ceiling lighting

One of the most obvious lighting areas is the ceiling, but not everyone uses this area as effectively as they could. Instead of placing one ceiling ceiling light in the very centre of a small room, why not scatter downlights across the area, spreading light output to every corner of the room.

Because LED lighting is so energy efficient it’s cheaper to run than halogen (and brighter) so why not add more?

To check out all of our lighting please browse our LED ceiling lighting category.



Under cabinet and shelf lighting

Ensuring the area under your cabinets or shelves is fully illuminate is a fast and easy way to bring a gorgeous glow to a room quickly and simply. There are options for all room styles within our range. We offer spot lights, strip lights, angled lights or illuminated shelving; there really is something in there for any room in any design.

To see all of our under cabinet and shelf lighting, please visit our cabinet lighting.

For more information about our lighting range please contact the TLW team on 01302 741941 or email us here.

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