How do I sync a RGB colour adjustable LED tape to a remote control

How do I sync an RGB colour adjustable LED tape to a remote control?
Published On: 28th August 2018
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RGB is fun, creative, innovative and versatile. There are so many amazing ways that you can use it and in so many places around your home, office, shop, restaurant. The possibilities really are endless (read our blog for some ideas on all the places that RGB looks fantastic).

But setting them up can sometimes make people nervous; don’t be! RGB LED tape is so easy to set up, it can be ready to use in a few simple steps. You can also watch our video guide below.

Here is a quick and easy guide to syncing your own RGB LED tape to a remote control.

Step 1

Make sure you have all the necessary components. These are:

Your RGB LED tape

An RGB remote control

A receiver

A LED driver (for help calculating which driver you need, please read our blog)


Step 2

Plug your receiver into your driver using the male to female connectors


Step 3

Plug your LED tape into your receiver using the 4-way distribution block


Step 4

Open the hatch at the end of your receiver. If you are installing lighting into one zone, please ensure that both the pins are covered by the jack on the master LED controller.

Step 5

Switch the RGB remote control on


Step 6

Press the learning key on the receiver


Step 7

Press and hold the zone that you wish to set up on your remote control until the LED tape flashes. Ones this happens the zone is now programmed.


Using the white colour temperatures

Step 1

Press W+ on your remote control


Step 2

Continue to press this button until you find the colour temperature you require. The options are warm white (3000k), natural white (4000k) and daylight (6000k)























Using the colour sequences and setting up a scene

Step 1

Press the sequence button on your remote control


Step 2

Continue to press this button until you find the colour sequence you like. There are many different options to choose from! Once you have decided which you prefer, leave the sequence on and select which scene you’d like this to be set to. Press and hold the number of the scene you’d like to set it to. You can set up to 3 scenes.

These can also be solid colours; just go through the same steps: select a colour on the colour wheel or one of the white temperatures, press and hold a scene and you are good to go!

If you would like to watch this process being completed, please watch our how to video here

For more information, contact the TLW team on 01302 741941, visit our VEWtube channel for informative videos, or email us here. 

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